FLAIR Rug Trends

My love of interiors has longstanding roots back to my early teenage years when I insisted on taking the legs of my bed and re-decorating my room single handed, making cushions and matching curtains in what I remember as a delicate pattern of 80's salmon pink abstract floral. It progressed into my fashion college years whereby I decided to turn the wardrobe, in my digs, on its long edge to create a sideboard kind of affair (it looked like a coffin so I swiftly changed it back). Who knows where I put my clothes, I cannot recall, but the "tombstone sideboard" seemed the right think to do at the time. Fast forward to my "first time buyer" days when we were so skint we simply couldn't afford to skim the walls so I rag rolled (google it) every wall in the house, in a shade of warm Mexican sunshine yellow. I took out what seemed like a second mortgage to buy the best twin leather classic sofas we could afford (still going 20 years later!) and proceeded to spend all my spare hours lovingly decorating our first home with junk shop trinkets, "antique" effect gesso sculpted mirrors, wall canvases and cushion covers made from Indian saris and a trail of various plants from Ikea which I regularly, but innocently, left to die (there must be a fashionista hardy plant out there somewhere yes?). I dragged the artists plan chest the whole length of the UK, from the school jumble sale I bought it from, and proudly stood our TV on it. The piece de resistance consisted of four 6" x 6" chunky wooden legs painted gold, topped with MDF and creatively covered with strips of brown paper, varnished over and over again to create our magnificent(?) low level, feature coffee table. It was the bees knees. To me. I still pioneer the "she who has the vision but no cash" attitude to interior design and mix antique rugs alongside futuristic build in block shelves (MDF is still my best friend) and framed photos of iconic shopping bags I have collected along the way. I save the hard cash for re-upholstery projects, my new love affair (no it is not cheaper than buying new stuff but the result is a work of art) and Diptique amber scented candles.

Breaking into the interior trends market was an honor, it's definitely an area I'd love to explore further in my business and I dream of one day having my own hand painted ceramics range. Which is slightly odd since my crockery collection is a mismatch of all white pieces. But I do love a pop of a crazy patterned sweetie dish or serving bowl and spend hours drooling over Anthropologie's eclectic selection on a regular basis. However, I digress. I believe a good designer can design anything and I'm sooo glad the fabulous Nic Fenton also agreed with this since it was she who contacted me to work with Flair rugs after we had crossed paths in a previous life. As the new big girl boss Nic wanted to bring a trend led direction to the well established, award winning rug design and supplier to pretty much everyone, from Dunelm Mill right through to The V&A collection. Rather than her customers coming to her with ideas she wanted Flair rugs to lead the way in design and trend direction. I felt the best way to lead this was to start with a seasonal round up of the key interior trends and then progress each trend into rug "micro trends" which could be pulled for inspiartion as a trend in their own right. I took onboard the latest catwalk print trends alongside slower paced yarn trends, colour and new developments within rugs. Nic and the team at Flair are passionate people to with with, and I love passionate. It's really important to me to work with big ideas folk who just wanna create great things, whether it be a new process or and an amazing new product. When I visit Flair HQ my trend report pages are pinned all around the walls and it feels amazing! I'm just about to start my seventh seasonal trend prediction pack with them and it's always something I look forward to.

Something & Sunday

So whilst I adore dressing up in heels for a big night out my love of loungewear has grown by stratesphoric proportions as I get older, wiser and well, just a bit happier in my own skin. Working from home is a blessing and none mire so than when you can sit in your pjs...all day if you like! But I like to get showered and dressesd as my "getting ready for work" routine. Don't get me wrong, the odd nightmare deadline insists on rolling out of bed straight into my office but it's great to feel cosy but oh so very sexy in your slounge....So when my old colleague and friend revealed she and her sisiter were launching their cosy casuals brand I was over the moon to be asked to help bring their vision to life.

Because these girls just live and breathe their product they brought lots of time worn and well loved samples to the table, along with magazine rips, Pinterest pics, scraps of fabrics, etc, etc (!) and we sat down and had a good old cuppa and put the slounge world to rights fuelled by a big pot of sweetie skittles . As a small start up brand budget was tight so we honed in on half a dozen key styles they just couldn't live without and we talked fabric, fit, details and trims. Caroline had already created the beautifully simplistic branding so I could focus on bringing the product to life with detailed sketches. I created a base range of factory specification packs that they could take to the factory and build on with different trims and fabrications. Natalie is a hands on design driven fashion buyer, passionate about product and really wanted to personalise each style whilst sat with the factory, a very organic development process which creates the best samples and products.

I absolutely love these editorial shots from the Something and Sunday website and I fell in love with the whole brand ethos the first time I eagerly browsed the website. Working with new brands I connect with is an amazing buzz and feels like fun not work! The whole brand, from development of product, photography through to delivery is handled by these hard working, fun loving sisters and mums! Wow! I'm exhausted just thinking about it...

I'd love to reach out and work with new start ups looking to be #girlrebels in this big bad business world. If you would like to see my client portfolio please get in touch. Or if you just fancy hooking up with me and sharing some #girlboss love you can find me on instagram, pinterest and twitter.